CHITRADARPAN, a revelation of reverberation of cultural heritage, a paragon of invention, a jubilant of facet ignition is an excelsion  to manifest the Excellency of cine world. The rhythm of the civilization runs to succeed the rhetoric revolution and the CHITRADARPAN has able to climb the footstep of such revolution and extents all possible guide to uphold the sprit of gospel optimist success. Now, the dream has reflected the virtue which is the first’s title of nobility and incidentally it is held  that men’s nobility is the belief in it. Notwithstandingly, the philosophy of perfection which is attended by slow degrees ; it requites the hard of time is about to reach since the virtue is gradually started to yield its desired outcome. The truly sublime is always honest and always natural and success is created sweetest in letter and spirit. The discipline is the mother of  honest achievement and judged by sublime theory of magnanimity. The domain of skill is an efflux of good circumvent and the message when reaches, then, the outcome is praised worthy.

It is commitment to uplift the preparation of art, literature, culture, heritage, kinetic movement , frame, jatra in its domain sphere . by virtue of such commitment , the symmetrical syschoosize  have been developed to deliver a wise zoom of happiness. With the wishes of reader’s digit , we expect the success in need is in deed.

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